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Class Schedule

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Class Descriptions

Gentle Yoga

Join this all levels, balanced practice to leave you feeling your best in body and mind.  This practice is suitable for beginners as well as those seasoned yogis looking for even more mindful introspection and connection with self.  Yoga props- blanket, bricks and strap are encouraged to support range of motion, create stability and offer more accessibility into various postures.

Hips and Low Back

Designed to address the number one body pain concern- this practice will incorporate mindful, gentle strength exercises along with enhanced stretching and mobility work for ultimate relief from hip and back discomfort. You CAN feel better through your own efforts! Check out this practice and learn how to ease pain in the moment as well as build the strength for sustainable comfort.

Power Practice

Ready to work hard? This practice will be a strength based flow sequence guaranteed to challenge you.

Stretch and Rest

Settle in and smooth things out! This practice is designed to encourage deep release.  We’ll be mostly on the floor, opening and lengthening the body- targeting hips, legs shoulders and back. We’ll incorporate a few restorative yoga postures as well. Yoga props will enhance this practice, so having a bolster/thick blanket/pillow, some yoga bricks (or big books!) and a yoga strap (or scarf/tie/long sock) will come in handy.

Teen Yoga
Yoga/meditation teaches life skills, self reliance, focused concentration and body acceptance.
It’s hard to be a teen- right now more than ever. This practice is designed for tweens and teens to help them manage stress and build resilience.
Toddler + Me

Get on your mat with your sweet little one, grow your bond and connection while instilling lifelong habits of self-care and body positivity.  Learn to take it all in stride as we move through a partner practice with your kiddo. So fun!

Boho Yoga Studio

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